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Give yourself a moment of complete relaxation and rest in the new Wellness Area & SPA of the Hotel Oliveto.
Pamper yourself in the gentle massage of the Jacuzzi or invigorate your body in the heat of the Finnish sauna: the new wellness area is equipped with all comforts allowing you to follow various paths of rest or purification.

Inside pool
The new indoor swimming pool of the Hotel Oliveto is at your complete disposal for a moment of tranquility and relaxation, pampered by the sound of the water of the swan blade. Thanks to a temperature of 30 ° C and its water features, the indoor pool is able to satisfy young and old.

The heated pool measures 10 meters long and 5 meters wide, maintaining a water temperature of around 30-32 ° C. Equipped with water features such as whirlpool and  the water blade waterfall, this swimming pool represents the heart of the Hotel Oliveto.
Finnish Sauna and Bio-Sauna
To facilitate the process of expulsion of metabolic waste through sweating and make the skin soft and supple, the SPA of the Hotel Oliveto offers 2 types of saunas. The Finnish Sauna , thanks to its high temperature (75 ° C +) and low humidity level, is the right choice for those who have a lot of stamina and want to quickly achieve the desired results, purify the skin and strengthen the breathing muscles.​​ The BIO-Sauna , on the other hand, offers a less intense environment with temperatures around 60 ° C. Furthermore, thanks to the control of internal humidity, it makes staying inside pleasant by favoring sweating and accentuating the softness of the skin.

Turkish bath
Sitting on the stone and enveloped in an impalpable fog, the Turkish Bath allows you to inhale a warm steam that decongests the breath and frees the body from any toxins.  The dilation of the pores caused by the heat facilitates the penetration of steam and allows the epidermis to eliminate impurities, acquiring brightness, elasticity and softness.
Massaggio rilassante
Relax massage
Massage is one of the most enjoyable ways of relaxation. Indulge in the pleasure of a classic massage for 20 minutes or extend your relaxation by extending the duration to 40 minutes. The advantageous prices of the offer are already discounted by 20% and are valid for treatments carried out in the morning between 9.00 and 22.30. The Spa will contact the guest before arrival to define the treatment time.
Emotional shower with rain
tropical and nebulizer
A captivating tropical and nebulized shower to wash away from everyday stress and fatigue and prepare the body to embark on the relaxation path it has set for itself. The shower phase before the sauna and Turkish bath treatment is usually underestimated by those who approach the SPA for the first time. However, this preparation phase is very important to prepare the skin to expel waste and toxins through sweating.
Relaxation area and herbal tea room
An area of relaxation and calm, where rest is accompanied by light and delicate background music. The relaxation room is equipped with herbal tea with a selection of infusions, hot and fresh water.
Opening time
The Wellness Area & SPA is open every day during the winter period, from September to May, from 10:00 to 21:00.

Access is paid and allowed for 1 hour upon reservation made at the reception at the time of check-in, and subject to availability.
Terms and conditions
Access to the SPA & Wellness Area is allowed for periods of 1 hour, upon reservation, to be agreed with the reception upon arrival. In order to avoid overcrowding to the area, access is subject to availability.
Access to the SPA area is allowed only to people over 16 years of age .

The price for 1 hour access to the Wellness & SPA area is € 20.00 per person .
While access to the swimming pool is always allowed for a period of 1 hour per room per day, by reservation.
Access to the swimming pool is allowed for all ages .

The price for 1 hour access to the swimming pool is € 10.00 per person .

In both cases, in
order to avoid overcrowding in the area, access is subject to availability.
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